You’ll get to experience many varied things with us, the formal, fun, and thoughtful…


You’ll get to participate – we don’t work or train all the time….


You’ll get to find out things about yourself you didn’t know…


You’ll discover you can do things and see interesting things….


You’ll also find a friendly face to help and support you….

Wouldn't you like to be a part of all this?

Our cadets are aged between 11 and 18. Our aim is to build confident and capable young adults, who will in turn, continue to support their communities throughout adulthood by joining the CAVC. 

Their training mirrors the training given to the adults and from the age of 16, it is expected that the senior cadets will start to work and qualify alongside the Adult units under the supervision of appropriate instructors.  Their training includes:  First Aid, Communications, Navigation, and Pioneering, and much more.

If you are an adult….

Are you interested in working with young people? Then why not consider becoming an Adult Instructor in the Civil Cadet Corps (CCC)? 

These will be individuals who want to make a real difference to young people in their community through helping them to develop their skills and build their confidence, to encourage them to think for themselves and to inspire them to succeed.  You will need to be an organised individual who can lead and be understanding.