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The CRVs are our version of a Resilience ‘Neighbourhood Watch’.  The CRVs are area specialists building and maintaining an in-depth background knowledge of their local areas, including facilities, parts which they consider a safety risk or hazardous, and where vulnerable people are. They will also act as resilience information conduits within their communities and participate in co-ordinated efforts should an emergency or other need arise.  The main element of the role is watching and monitoring.


CRVs, as Foundation Members, will not have the same weekly training commitment as Operational Members; however, they are a key part of the JCAC structure and will work with their relevant Operational Team during training, exercises and co-ordination.  There is no age restriction to being a CRV, but an individual must be able to undertake the tasks set within the role.  On a normal week to week basis, the time commitment given is down to the individual or subject to any tasks in hand, but there will be a monthly meeting to keep everyone up to date and maintain team cohesiveness.


Coordinator in the Community Resilience Volunteers (CRVs) – The coordinators have an important role within their community providing information as required and for managing their own team of CRVs.  They are the key holder of their local information and are also the main liaison between the CRVs and local members of the Operational Arm (CAVC).


Member of the Community Resilience Volunteers (CRVs) – these are our Foundation Members.  As residents within their area, their local knowledge, advice, and assistance will be paramount to supporting the operational elements of the Corps and professional services.  The commitment is less than that expected from operational members, but more than Neighbourhood Watch. 

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